Water Proofing Work

Waterproofing work is one among the foremost important in modern construction. Only high-quality waterproofing will protect the building from water intrusion, which damages building elements. Safe waterproofing is a clear necessity for any premise with water system situated over other floors. Competent waterproofing often spares tenants and owners of land from court suits from neighbors living below.

Waterproofing work is performed during all stages of construction from the inspiration to the roof and thus uses a good selection of waterproofing materials.


Waterproof materials

Innovo Steel Ltd. offers its services in waterproofing installation. We perform our work with high quality and on time. For waterproofing, we choose only high-quality materials, which we order only from reliable suppliers.

We use the following materials for waterproofing:

  • Polymer coating: Easily applied material of thick consistency is smeared on the surface and creates a protective film. It is very important to create maximum adhesion of the composition to the base; consequently, dressing and preparing the base should be carefully controlled by professionals.
  • Penetrating sealers are used to waterproof concrete. They are very popular among builders, but they are not always suitable for old buildings. To solve this problem, we clean the base with high pressure jets.
  • Rolled proofing is often used to waterproof the roof. It is utilized in laying roof materials with joints. These materials are heated with a gas torch and laying them is therefore considered dangerous work requiring careful control.

Waterproof work

Innovo Steel Ltd. experts are able to perform the entire range of waterproofing work with the very best quality. Quality is our priority; therefore, we won’t install waterproofing within the following circumstances:

  • when the surface is damp or has ice;
  • in the rain outside;
  • when the surface is uneven and requires screeding.

The atmospheric humidity should not exceed 70%, and the temperature should be in the range from +5 to +30оС.

Innovo Steel Ltd. experts conduct waterproofing work with all possible accidents taken under consideration and use the safest technologies.

When all work is completed, we proceed to “watering”—a test of waterproofing. We finish only when we are completely convinced of its quality.

Working with us, you’ll receive high-quality waterproofing which will endure for an extended time.