Precise Design With Engineering Flexibility

With decades of experience behind it, Innovo Steel is pioneering in the construction industry

Innovo steel is that the Bangladesh’s one among the renowned steel construction companies, providing products for the development and manufacturing industries.

Innovo Steel Alliance Limited focuses on steel frame homes and commercial steel building kits. Our steel frame homes feature incredible energy efficiency and are wind and seismic resistant. Our innovative wall and roof systems are designed by our highly skilled engineering team. These features make them structurally superior to other framing methods, particularly in coastal and earthquake prone areas.


Social mobility

Our Engineering Personnel have extensive experience altogether facets of Pre-Engineered Steel

Buildings and are likely to qualify because the best team available in Bangladesh. We undertake

training for engineering personnel on steel design & detailing generally and Pre-

engineered steel buildings especially . We can also provide training altogether aspects of Pre-

Engineered Steel building business.

Innovo Steel Alliance has the chance to experience every aspect of the business and have access to the newest technology within the company’s state-of-the-art facility.

The company’s aim is that, by 2021, 20% of its staff will have come through the apprenticeship scheme.

“In the upcoming days, we aim to require on a minimum of one apprentice every six months to make sure there’s a continuing flow of young engineers entering the industry. This may not only future proof our business, but will help bridge the continued skills gap .”

The High Mobility Pool, Innovo steel initiative, offers young professionals with several years’ work experience the unique opportunity to draw on their abilities and knowledge so as to contribute to international projects.