Land Scaping

Landscaping may be a final touch on a project. It’s amazing how a neat landscape plan can transform a dull building into an exciting piece of property. The landscape plan, provided by a landscape gardener, should show the small print for the work to be performed. If the work proceeding the landscape work (i.e. excavation and embankment, layout, final grading, top soiling) was done correctly, the landscaping should go smoothly. During this situation, the quantity of input, and a spotlight, required by the development Supervisor is minimal at the landscaping stage. Do the design work on the start and therefore the finishes go well.


Innovo Steel Ltd works with architects and builders on new construction landscaping and re-design projects for residential, commercial, and municipal properties. Having been a part of the team for major landscaping projects throughout Bangladesh, Innovo Steel offers you a trusted partnership with the requisite experience and skill to form sure we maintain the integrity of your design.

Offering a complement of landscaping services, including design, build and maintenance, Innovo steel is in a position to supply quality work on competitively low prices because we all know the way to properly manage and execute employment to stay it on time and within budget. We even have the skills to save lots of your money on change orders without compromising on quality.