Installation With Expertise

Steel is a modern, reliable and environmentally friendly material suitable for construction and recycling. it’s elegance, simplicity and sturdiness. it’s suitable for all kinds of upgrades and combinations of materials. the power to handle large ranges with elegant and slender structural elements, gives great freedom to architects within the design process.

Innovo Steel is a trailblazer within the steelwork sector in Bangladesh. we’ve garnered over 5 years of experience which has given us the much-needed expertise within the field of engineering, infrastructure and construction. Our core values are aligned with our resolve to supply outstanding steel engineering services and excellent customer outcomes altogether steelwork tasks. A main area of speciality here at Innovo Steel is providing exceptional engineering designs, fabrication and installation of steel structures.


For all kind of steel construction, Innovo Steels has steel installation teams working and available across Bangladesh on many contracts daily. From smaller contractors and local builders, from pure installation to challenging installations on major projects, we offer a range of services all aiming to ensure the most effective and safest implementation of our clients’ steelwork needs.

We are highly experienced in completing projects involving steel support systems for flooring, loft conversions, large building structures and even high rise buildings.