Commercial Building

Reason for Choose Choosing Pre-Engineered Commercial Metal Buildings

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) are a perfect choice for both new construction and residential or commercial expansion. More and more, entrepreneurs and homeowners alike are choosing a PEMB solution for his or her new construction and development needs.

Highly durable and practically maintenance free, pre-engineered metal buildings are often customized to satisfy a desired look and performance , reduce construction costs, and shorten project timelines.

The Commercial Uses of Innovo Steel Buildings

The applications for INNOVO ’s commercial metal buildings are nearly limitless. INNOVO ’s rugged and durable prefab steel building kits work well for:

  • Commercial airplane hangars
  • Low-rise office buildings
  • Medical clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores, from boutiques and specialty shops to mega-sized ‘big box’ warehouse or furniture stores
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Strip malls and shopping centers
  • Vehicle dealerships, auto repair shops, automated car washes, or tire stores
  • Veterinarian clinics and animal hospitals
  • Commercial equestrian operations
  • Wineries
  • And so many more

Manufactured to exacting standards, INNOVO commercial metal buildings contain many standard features not included by other steel building companies.

It is our insistence on quality that makes INNOVO commercial steel building kits more durable and attractive than the competition.


Durable, Strong, and Clear Span Commercial Metal Building Kits

INNOVO’s rigid red-iron steel framing is incredibly strong. In fact, it is so strong it is self-supporting, and does not require interior columns or load-bearing walls to “prop up” the frame like wood framing does.

This open, clear span interior allows complete floor plan flexibility; you are free to layout your commercial building any way you wish.

INNOVO commercial steel building kits can span up to 150’ wide on a standard design. Unobstructed spaces up to 300’ are possible with a custom quote.

Buildings could also be up to 480’ wide with one interior column .

Wall heights up to 40’ are standard. However, even taller designs are available with a custom quote.

Trust INNOVO Commercial Metal Buildings

INNOVO has the experience to help you build prefab commercial metal buildings on time and on budget.

Get support today at for more information on our commercial steel structures.

Speak to an INNOVO steel framing consultant. Let their wealth of data and knowledge guide you in selecting the right building package for your commercial enterprise.