Polycarbonate Sheets

We offer our esteemed clients with the contemporary and cost-effective solutions for roofing, insulation, walling solutions. Polycarbonate has been used very successfully around the world in construction projects in various sections. However we also offer high quality, low-cost and highly effective polycarbonate sheets of different profiles to meet your demands.

Polycarbonate Wall Sheets

Polycarbonate Wall SheetsFeatures:

  • Impact resistance
  • Light weight
  • UV protected
  • Flame retardancy
  • Soundproof and Heat insulation
  • Light transmission


  • Roofing for swimming pool, shopping malls, commercial streets
  • Sunshade for stadiums and bus stops, gazebo, open air carport, lighting canopy for corridors, passages and subway entries
  • Flashing for banks ATM’s, telephone box, gateways, garages
  • Sound and heat insulation wall for expressways and houses
  • Soundproof material for partitions
  • Lighting of modern villa, rainproof lighting shed of underground garage entryway


Polycarbonate Solid Sheets


  • Telephone booth, Advertising board, lighting box, exhibition.
  • Interior and exterior decoration in commercial building, curtain walls of modern building.
  • Instruments and meters, and military industry.
  • Front wind shields of motorcycles, airplanes, trains, trains, liners, vehicles, motorboats, submarines and police glass shield
  • Decoration and lighting, and space separator of bank, hospital, airport, station, kindergarten
  • Agricultural green houses and raising heads.
  • Lighting of modern villa, rainproof lighting shed of underground garage entryway


Embossed or Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets


  • Similar to the rigidity of a 3mm thick solid polycarbonate sheet
  • Less tendency for water leakage


  • Skylight Roofing, for buildings, warehouses
  • Garages and Green houses