Multi-Storey Buildings

Modern steel framed buildings are designed on the principle of the structure as an independent load bearing frame carrying both vertical and lateral loads down to the building foundations. This form of construction makes possible the creation of large column-free internal spaces which can be divided by interchangeable partitions and, by eliminating the external wall as a load bearing element, allows the development of large window areas, curtain walling and cladding systems.

Multi-storey steel-framed buildings can accommodate a wide range of functions and can adapt to a wide range of architectural styles. The term ‘multi-storey’ means structures with more than one storey, and covers buildings used for many different purposes.

We are building contractors and property developers specializing in commercial, retail, industrial, government and residential construction.


Steel framed construction is a very popular structural form for multi-storey buildings as it provides great flexibility. Our many and varied competencies include from pile driving and underground storage solutions, the erection of multi-storey concrete structures, steel structures, coffer slabs, post-stressed concrete slabs, to the building of sport pavilions and the fine details in boutique hotels and restorations. There’s almost nothing we will not undertake with confidence.


Contracts we undertake:

  • Office Buildings
    All types of offices, especially multi-storey buildings.
  • Shopping Centers and other Retail
    Large malls, shops, and restaurants.
  • Industrial Buildings
    Factories, warehouses, parking garages, motor–dealerships, also surface beds, silo’s and infrastructures.
  • Sport and Leisure Facilities
    Gymnasiums, club–houses, art galleries and monuments.
  • Educational & Tertiary Institutions
    Schools, university buildings, and archives.
  • Hospitals and Medical Centres
    Hospitals, consulting rooms and laboratories.
  • Larger Residential Developments
    Apartment blocks, large–scale townhouse developments and boutique hotels.
  • Civils & Infrastructure
    All types of civil work and infrastructure.
  • Property Development & Turnkey Projects
    This is where we bring the whole “packet” together. We have successfully undertaken many high–profile property developments either as sell–on projects or as property investments for affiliated companies.