Factory Profile


Drawing Office and detailers

  • At INNOVO STEEL ALLIANCE LIMITED we have a fully equipped in-house Drawing Office with highly trained and skilled Structural Detailers and Architects using the very latest, fully functional Structures detailing software.
  • Our Detailers have between them over 10 years experience in the structural detailing/drafting industry, having worked on many large and smaller jobs through this time. Our Drawing Office begins managing projects from a very early stage with the incorporation of preliminary models produced at the tender stage to aid with costing. We also produce a visual at inception stage, for the client to three dimensionally achieve a better grasp on the finished structure.
  • Steelworks Contracting is a complex business where thorough co-ordination is vital. At the start of every project, we put together a team, led by a Project Manager, with the necessary skills and experience to guarantee success.
  • A comprehensive project plan is produced for each job which sets the necessary targets for drawing issues, material purchase, sub-contract orders, approvals, deliveries to site and handovers. The Drawing Office plays a very important role in making all these things as simple and efficient as possible.




  • INNOVO STEEL ALLIANCE LIMITED benefits from its location, just a few kilometers away from the capital Dhaka and in conjunction with our comprehensive Project Management Strategy; we are able to manufacture sufficient steelworks to meet even the most demanding of programmes.
  • A just in time manufacturing process is utilized with steel being supplied from our own inventory, in planned ‘phases’.
  • Fittings and main shafts are assembled and painted in relevant phased 25 tonne erectable batches. This is closely monitored through the production process via our Steel Projects management system (Winbuild.)
  • Each main shaft member is produced with a unique identification mark on our CNC machine which relates to a fabrication drawing and will carry right through to installation on site, which increases efficiency, traceability and guarantees the excellent quality of each member.


Machinery and Accuracy

  • In more recent year’s considerable investment have been made in state of the art technology, namely a fully automated CNC integrated saw/drill line, with an on and off cross transfer feeding system.
  • Our Project management and information software is also a new addition and assists with all our production, programming and communication links.  These links streamline the fabrication process by providing a seamless interaction between all departments of the supply chain.
  • A semi automatic SES Shot-blast line also gives the company the capability to Shot-Blast its own fabricated steelworks and fittings.
  • Our loyal, trained and highly skilled workforce utilize the CNC machine that is feed with data directly from our drawing offices.
  • Painting is carried out in an isolated controlled environment. For the majority of our assemblies, shot-blasting and the application of a pre-fabrication primer are carried out before fabrication.


Our onsite Services

  • http://innovosteel.comOur site performance is where we are most visible, therefore throughout this stage, all projects are carefully monitored and controlled by a nominated on-site charge hand who will liaise with the client’s site foreman and Steel Structures Project Manager.
  • A Method Statement is developed prior to arrival on-site which includes a detailed description of how the work is to be carried out together with the necessary risk assessments.
  • All erectors are fully briefed and committed to site safety requirements and the Method Statement before setting foot on site.
  • We accept no compromises on Health & Safety matters and routinely inspect all steel erecting squads to insure the expected high standards are being adhered to.